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CANVAS SIZE    Please provide the dimensions for the canvas you would like.  I will then order your canvas from my supplier.  On rare occasions, an exact match may not be possible, so I will provide you with details of the closest match before seeking your approval.


CANVAS TYPE    I can offer you two different types of canvas to choose from.  


1.  Traditional Stretched or 'BOX' Canvas - these are available in various thicknesses and can be hung without the need for framing, although framing is still possible.


2.  Canvas Board - these canvases are only a couple of millimetres in thickness and are ideal if you want the finished piece framed.  Instead of the canvas being stretched around a wooden frame, the canvas is glued to a stiff board, making them extremely sturdy and durable.



COLOUR SCHEME      If you have a specific colour scheme in mind, please give me as much detail as possible.  This goes for both the background and main subject.  


PHOTO REFERENCE    I will need the best possible reference to paint from, in order to produce the best possible painting.  Photos need to be clear, with good lighting so I am able to see the features of the subject I am being commissioned to paint.  I would recommend supplying 2 or 3 images, either by email or post.  Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee the safe return of photos sent by post.  Therefore, please make sure any photos you send are copies and not originals.


GETTING STARTED    Once we have agreed on all of your requirements and I have received any images from you, I will require a 25% deposit before I start your painting.  I will then send you regular updates on my progress and once I have finished and received the final payment, your commissioned piece will be posted out to you.



FOR COMMISSIONS OR ENQUIRIES CONTACT - commissions @ferguson-art.co.uk